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Spine Surgery
The Chance of a 2nd Opinion

Physiotherapy specializing in spinal disorders in Berlin - Wilmersdorf


Why You Should Consider a Second Opinion from a Spinal Physiotherapy Specialist before undergoing Surgery for a
Herniated Disc or Spinal Stenosis 

Surgery for a Herniated Disc or a diagnosis of Spinal Stenosis should be an informed decision.
There are very good non-operative Treatment possibilities. I recommend that you make an appointment at my practise for spinal physiotherapy. As an expert in this field, I offer you an individual and holistic treatment to support your back health in the best possible way. A second opinion in my practice provides you with a tailored view of your specific circumstances. I will carefully analyze your condition, review your previous medical records and present you with alternative approaches to surgery.
My goal is to provide you with sound information so that you can make the best decisions for your health. 

Do not hesitate to contact me to make an appointment. Together, we can plan the best possible next steps for your spine and help you live a pain-free and active life. Your health is my primary concern and I will be happy to assist you in providing the best treatment possible.

Non - Invasive Treatment Options:
Spinal Physiotherapy offers a range of non-invasive treatment options, such as 
physical therapy, and modalities, that can help alleviate your pain and improve your function without the need of surgery.

Risk Reduction:

All surgeries come with risks, such as infection, bleeding, and anesthesia complications. By choosing a non-invasive option like spinal physiotherapy, you can reduce your risk of complications and side effects.

Cost Savings:

Surgery for herniated disc or spinal stenosis can be expensive, requiring hospitalization, anesthesia, and post operative care. In comparison, spinal physiotherapy's a cost effective option that can help you avoid the high cost of surgery.

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